Donate to Rio Church's New Home

Now is an exciting time for Rio Church. After many long months of prayers and searching, we are blessed with a new building. With more time and energy available, we can focus on our church body—a body that now has the space to grow. A new space includes expenses and start-up costs in order to equip our church for the work set out for us. Our ministry leaders have been hard at work to determine what their ministry needs to best serve the congregation at our new location.

What Your Donations Will Fund

Creating A Welcoming Environment for Visitors
Donations made to the Rio Church Future Home Fund help supply our leaders with the tools needed to properly outfit this new space. A new stage for the main space needs to be built and installed alongside an additional wall to create a dedicated children’s space. This children’s area will require tables, chairs, and cabinets to foster a positive environment for our current and future children.

Improving our Livestream Capabilities and Permanent Signs
Because the new space will not require set-up and tear-down each week, more resources will be allocated to our livestream and permanent signs. A new camera will allow better stream quality while signs will increase our visibility in the neighborhood. These new additions alongside many others helps ensure Rio Church is not only ready to serve our current body, but has a firm foundation to build on.

Thanks to your support, Rio Church has been provided with many opportunities, and we look forward to the many more we will have in this space. A gift to the Future Home Fund outfits us for more outreach to bless our community. We look forward to your partnership and continued support.

How to Give to Rio

To give towards our Future Home Fund, select the "Future Home Fund" in the toggle below and add your donation amount.